All E-posters will be available for viewing via the digital conference platform during and after the conference. There will be no scheduled poster sessions but all posters can be viewed throughout the conference. If you wish to connect to meet the author you can do so via the digital platform.

Poster upload
Poster upload starts from June 7 and deadline is June 18.


Poster templates
Click on a template to download it:


Template 1


Template 2


Template 3


Template 4

Use one of the templates above as a starting point when making your E-poster. The presentation will then be saved as single page PDF, without moving content. If you do not use any of the following templates, the size of the E-poster should be 1080×1920 pixels (width x height) or set 62.26×110.69 cm in PowerPoint.
When you finish your entries in PowerPoint, convert it to PDF by clicking File -> Export -> Then select PDF format and click on Save.

Large file?

If the final E-poster PDF file size is more than 20 MB you can locally save a copy of your PowerPoint file and try to reduce the file size. In PowerPoint this is done through File > Compress Pictures and you could use either Picture Quality Print or On-screen, see below. Then export to PDF again. Please check that the images are not in too low resolution after reducing the file size.


Audio file

We invite you to submit a short audio file in addition to your PDF poster. Please note that the audio file is optional. The audio file can be a maximum of 2 minutes and should be a short oral presentation of your poster. We accept mp3 and mp4 files. Maximum size 30MB.

Upload E-Poster and Audio file

Once you have registered for the conference you will receive the link to upload your poster and audio file.
Upload starts from June 7 and deadline is June 18.

If you have any questions regarding or troubles uploading your E-Poster, please send an email to